I am trying to establish a SOCKet cluster using the R snow package.

I have access to 5 machines with the IP addresses: xxx.xxx.xx.x1 xxx.xxx.xx.x2 xxx.xxx.xx.x3 xxx.xxx.xx.x4 xxx.xxx.xx.x5

As in this question, I have successfully copied the public key over to those machines so that password-less authentication works. From within R, this works

for (i in seq.int(5)) system(print(paste('ssh ', 'root@xxx.xxx.xx.x', i, ' date',
                                  sep = '')))

However, this hangs.

sockCluster = makeSOCKcluster(c('root@xxx.xxx.xx.x1', 

What am I missing?


I'm confused that you say you're using the snow package, but the example loads parallel and snowfall. That may have something to do with your problem, but there is also the issue of how to specify the remote user.

Snow always uses the ssh -l option with the value of the user option, which has a default value of Sys.info()["user"]. It's possible that makeSOCKcluster is failing because the user is being specified in both ways, but that surprises me a bit. I suggest that you try specifying only the user option:

sockCluster <- makeSOCKcluster(c('xxx.xxx.xx.x1', 
                  'xxx.xxx.xx.x5'), user='root')
  • parallel subsumes snow and multicore. May 28 '13 at 12:19
  • @fgnu But makeSOCKcluster is defined in snow. If you want to use parallel, you should use makePSOCKcluster instead. And snow is still necessary if you want to use an MPI cluster, so it's not completely subsumed by parallel. May 28 '13 at 12:32

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