I'm working on MVVMCross v3 and I want to create my own plugin, I followed this tutorial (which is for the vNext)


To be compatible for the v3 I changed IMvxServiceConsumer and GetService to Mvx.Resolve.

But on the tutorial there are :

Then, for WinRT, WindowsPhone and MonoTouch clients, you also need to provide a Loader accessor in setup.cs - like:

protected override void AddPluginsLoaders(Cirrious.MvvmCross.Platform.MvxLoaderPluginRegistry loaders)



How can I do that in v3?


  • sorry - not sure you noticed that I did update the answer to the other question with some links.
    – Stuart
    May 28, 2013 at 9:22

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If you want to write a new plugin, then :

For plugin initialisation, the nuget packages now do this via bootstrap files - e.g. see the files added for Location at:

The bootstrap way is the normal way to do initialisation now.

If you did want to use a non-bootstrap technique then you can do this:

  • In WinRT, WinPhone, and Droid, you don't need to use a loader, but you do need to call MyPlugin.PluginManager.Instance.EnsureLoaded before the plugin can be used.
  • In Touch, you would need to provide a loader during protected override void AddPluginsLoaders(MvxLoaderPluginRegistry loaders) - and you'd then still need to call EnsureLoaded() before the plugin can be used.

For examples of this 'old way' of working, see Setup.cs in the UI projects in https://github.com/slodge/MvvmCross-Tutorials/tree/master/Sample%20-%20TwitterSearch

  • Thanks, it works with the up to date sample :) Now If I want to move the project Sample.Plugin.Vibration.WindowsPhone into a simple folder in my Windows Phone app, it is possible?
    – Podelo
    May 28, 2013 at 10:16
  • 1
    That comment - moving a project into a folder in an app - makes zero sense to me. If a question is worth asking, please ask it properly - it'll save both of us time. Thanks :)
    – Stuart
    May 28, 2013 at 10:44

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