I have some JSON data that is rendered out via the ng-repeat directive, and the results are then filtered via some checkboxes/drop-downs, and some custom filter functions in my controller.

I now want to add a function to my controller that is triggered by an 'ng-change' on some of the checkboxes, that can reference the current list of items in my 'ng-repeat'. I realise I can reference these values from a custom filter, for example $scope.filterProvider = function(item), but this function is then called for each and every item in the ng-repeat, which isn't what I want - I want the function to just be called each time a checkbox is checked/unchecked, and I need that function to be able to reference the items in my ng-repeat...does that make sense to anyone?! And if so, does anyone know how I can do that?

Thanks :-)


Say you have ng-repeat="item in items", then you may use something like ng-click=thisAmazingFct(item) that will pass the current item while calling thisAmazingFct.

If you prefer using the index of the item in the items array, use something like ng-click=thisAmazingFctByIndex($index) where $index is automatically set to the current item index by angular with the ng-repeat directive.

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