I'm fairly new to CLR, I'm reading the c++/CLI documentation for setWindowPos and the function is defined like so.

  _In_      HWND hWnd,
  _In_opt_  HWND hWndInsertAfter,
  _In_      int X,
  _In_      int Y,
  _In_      int cx,
  _In_      int cy,
  _In_      UINT uFlags

I have experience in c++ so I understand that, for example, "HWND" is the data type and "hWnd" is the variable name.

But what are "_in_" and "_in_opt_"?

I'm guessing they're short for "input variables" or something.

It is mentioned in the documentation that the hWndInsertAfter is optional. Does this mean I can simply omit/not bother passing a variable to to this parameter in my function call if I don't need to?


//Note that we're one parameter short here (the second is missing)

(This would be confusing to me, as I've seen it written in other places that C++ does not support optional parameters. Only default parameters and overloading)

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    possible duplicate of What is _In_ in C++?
    – Sparr
    May 28, 2013 at 17:52
  • Yes, i just located this similar topic. I'll admit that my initial research was not good enough, sorry. However, the answer I got from this question was a touch more relevant to my specific questions. May 28, 2013 at 17:59

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This is part of Microsoft's Source-Code Annotation Language. _In_Opt_ means you may pass NULL.

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    Thank you very much. Now that I have a name for these annotations (I originally thought that they were interpreted and meant something significant to the compiler), I have a starting point for further research. May 28, 2013 at 18:03
  • In_opt (opt is all lower case!)
    – txs
    Apr 23, 2019 at 22:13

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