I'm attempting to build an application that uses an API that was made for JavaScript. Rather than sending down JSON or XML it sends a Script tag with a JavaScript object within it like so:

var apiresult = {
    success: true,
    data: {
        userName: "xxxxx",
        jsonData: { 
            "id" : "8342859",
            "price" : "83.94"

I'm trying to get out just the "jsonData" property. In browser land you can go:


Obviously I can't do this in C#. I've tried using Jint and HtmlAgilityPack like so:

HtmlDocument = await client.GetHTMLAsync(url);

string scriptTag = htmlResult.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//script").InnerHtml;

scriptTag += " return apiresult.data.jsonData;

JintEngine engine = new JintEngine();

Jint.Native.JsObject r = (Jint.Native.JsObject)engine.Run(scriptTag);

And if I expand "r.Results" in the watch window it shows the variables values, but how do I then get just the raw JSON back out so that I can parse it into my object?

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I hit the same problem, here is how I did it with Jint

        var engine =new Engine();

        var html = 
                        var apiresult = {
                            success: true,
                            data: {
                                userName: ""xxxxx"",
                                jsonData: { 
                                    ""id"" : ""8342859"",
                                    ""price"" : ""83.94""

        var doc=new HtmlDocument();
        var script = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//script").First().InnerHtml;

        var result = engine
            .Execute("var x=apiresult.data.jsonData;")

        var jsonData = engine.Json.Stringify(result, new[] { result });

In the end I used jurassic to do this. Much much easier to use than JInt. My code now looks like this:

ScriptEngine engine = new ScriptEngine();

object result = engine.Evaluate(scriptString);

var json = Jurassic.Library.JSONObject.Stringify(engine, result);

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