I go to Tools -> Options -> Package Manager -> Allow Nuget... to have the option enabled already. I opened Package Manager Console and typed install-package MyPackageName to install NuGet package successfully, and package folder was created fine. I am pretty sure I have latest version of NuGet installed already.

I closed solution and my VS2010, I deleted package folder, reopen the solution in VS2010, but it does not download any packages at all.

I think I should see a .nuget folder in solution, but it is not there.

Any clue?

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You need to enable NuGet package restore on your solution. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on your solution and click 'Enable NuGet Package Restore'. This is what will created the .nuget directory and add the nuget targets that will drive the package restoration process.

See the official documentation for a walkthrough.

Edit: This answer might be somewhat obsolete. MSBuild-Integrated Package Restore is no longer the suggested package restoration option - have a look at either Automatic Package Restore or Command-Line Package Restore on the official NuGet package restoration documentation. Having said that, MSBuild-Integrated package restore still works, and is still supported.

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    It doesn't seem like VS2013 has that menu option. This may help. Mar 20, 2014 at 18:53

This two pieces of nuget command saved my life:

Install-Package NuGet.CommandLine
Install-Package NuGetEnablePackageRestore

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