I am trying to fit part of in image into a raphael object. Scaling the image works perfectly, but when I try to translate it, it ends up returning the wrong part of the image. I am scalling the image using "S1.5,1.5,0,0", that is, I am not scalling it around the middle point, so scalling it works beautifully. But, as I try to offset the image, the resulting image fragment is offset.

Maybe there's another way to do it in Raphael. What I am trying to accomplish is use a fragment of an image as an image object in Raphael and I need to copy a rectangle from an external image into it. Something like:

copy original image fragment (x0 = 100, y0 = 120, width = 300, height = 250) to the image object, which has dimensions (width = 150 and 125).

I have been looking for an answer for some time, but nothing that really helps.


The fiddle is


In the example above, I am grabbing a 100 x 60px area from the original image (which is 612 x 325px), and trying to display it on the output image, which is 500 x 300px.

The scale works, but the area it is grabbing is not the one I need. It does work, if I grab from 0, 0. But, as I move from the top left corner of the originsl image, the actual area it gives me is farther away from what I actually need :(.

Any ideas? (I have already tried swapping the order of the T and the S in the transform string).


  • Can you share the code? Or a fiddle? – NRC May 29 '13 at 16:00
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Using Raphael, the following code creates a container, to be used to display an image, duly translated and scaled. A live version of the solution is also available at http://jsfiddle.net/s6DHf/. This is a forked version of the actual problem.

var outputW = 525,
    outputH = 300;
    sourceX = 100,
    sourceY = 100,
    scaleX = 1.5,
    scaleY = 1.5,
    paper = new Raphael("image", outputW, outputH),
    bgImg = paper.image("http://cdn3.whatculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/MAN-OF-STEEL-e1365755036183.jpg", 0, 0, 350, 200)
        .transform("t" + sourceX + "," + sourceY + "s" + scaleX +","+ scaleY + ",0,0");

Check the use of "s" and "t" (in lowercase), which denotes relative scaling and relative translation, respectively. The problem was due to the use of "S" and "T" (in uppercase), which is all about absolute scaling and translation, respectively.

Raphael reference: http://raphaeljs.com/reference.html#Element.transform

Hope this helps.

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