I have an application that makes use of the default ASP.NET HTTP handler extension, .ashx. This no longer works in IIS 7.5. I get a 404.3 message with instructions to add a handler.

I used the default handler extension specifically to keep things simple and not have to add a mapping within the setup program for my web application.

The new version of IIS seems to have a lot of changes from IIS 6....am I missing something?


When you enable ASP.NET, then the mappings are added. Doh! I missed this. It's a little bit buried in Windows 7 when you "turn on" features like IIS.

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    DOH, i did the same. Enabled IIS and didn't check that ASP.NET is turned on. Who even needs IIS without ASP.NET >:-| – Igor Zevaka Dec 22 '09 at 20:55

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