I'm trying to add a Vimeo video inside a ZURB Foundation Section (aka Tabs). The entire <section> is responsive, and so should the video inside the tab. To make the video player responsive I'm using Foundation's built-in Flex Video.

When the section with the video is opened the <section> has zero (or near zero) height. I have tried to use the reflow method but no luck with that route.

Is there a way to redraw the <section>, or it's contents after the section has been opened?

Here's a JSFiddle of the issue - http://jsfiddle.net/brettdewoody/8KKGS/

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Guys this is a problem I raised an issue for. I believe the way Foundation is applying a style to not be the best approach.

This is caused by padding-bottom = 0 being applied to the last element in a section. You can override it for now by putting this in your .scss somewhere:

.flex-video {
    padding-bottom: 67.5% !important;

There is a pull request here for a permanent fix: https://github.com/zurb/foundation/issues/2412

and an issue I raised to address the padding problem here: https://github.com/zurb/foundation/issues/2502

Hope this helps


After some tinkering I found a hack--ish solution using a placeholder image to maintain the correct size. One caveat is the image must be the same (or nearly the same) proportions as the video. Not perfect, but it works.

I also had to change the HTML of the <section> a bit but nothing major.

Here's a JSFiddle showing the solution.

Hope it helps someone down the road.

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