I'm just trying out Android Studio. I imported a project from Eclipse, but every time I try to run it I get this error:

"Cannot run program "Library/JavaVirtualMachines?jdk1.7.0_10.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java" (in directory "/Users/myname/Library/Caches/AndroidStudioPreview/compile-server"): error=2, No such file or directory.

I just installed the latest JDK using the JDK 7 Update 21 dmg. Is it installing the jdk in a place where Android Studio won't find it? The dmg didn't have any options for where to install the jdk other than "Install for all users of this computer," which I did.

When I was using Eclipse I had no problems with running my programs.

Furthermore, the Project Structure option was no longer available after I updated earlier today. Instead I just get the message, We will provide a UI to configure project settings later. Until then, please manually edit your build.gradle file(s.)"

I'm not sure what to do to get my programs running again. Do I need to locate the jdk files and move them? Could I tell Android Studio where the files are actually installed?

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The solution was easier than I thought: just go to File/Other Settings/Default Project Structure and click SDKs. There the JDK home path can be changed.


Yes changing the JDK path will work. If that doesn't fix your problem, as it didn't for me at first, uninstall your JDK and redownload and install it. Once I reinstalled mine, it worked flawlessly.

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