I just want to show some featured products on each category page (not home page).

I thought to use features or tags. So in the back, I add to the products I want to show a "featured" tag or feature. And then in the front on each category page I display the products of that category that have that tag or feature.

What do you think is easier? and how can I achieve this? I am so lost, so I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks guys

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Here is how I would do this:

  • Create a module (obviously) to extend the product class and add a featured field (as a boolean, you can also use a position field if you want to manage something like that)

  • Within the module it's easy to override the admin controller to add a checkbox somewhere

  • On the category page, create a hook to display the featured product, or just override the categoryController to get them.

And voilà! It's really easy. I just give you the steps as I won't write the code for you :) but if you need more advices feel free to ask

  • great! thanks... thats exactly how I solved it, but know I have a problem on the" verride the categoryController" part. the issue is that i am getting the array os products and then filter them, but I get only the products on the firt page, not the products on the whole category...
    – lilymz
    May 31, 2013 at 4:32
  • OMG this is so complex for me, I am running in circles and I really can't solve it, but I am going to open a new question
    – lilymz
    May 31, 2013 at 5:29

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