I am trying to create a button that knows what page you came from and enters that value into the anchor tag. Does anyone know a solution using either jQuery or PHP or both?

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problem with

<a href="javascript:go(-1)">back</a>


<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Go Back" onClick="history.back()">

Also you can go back more pages, like this:

<FORM> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Go Back" onClick="history.go(-1)"> </FORM>

In PHP, you could keep track of the last page the user was on by using


and storing it in the session.

$_SESSION['last_page'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

and run it after your html for the current page is rendered, then in a link you could have something like this

<a href="<?php echo $_SESSION['last_page']; ?>">Back</a>


Also - if u just want an

 <a href="javascript:go(-1)" class="dbutton" onClick="history.back()">Back</a> 

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