I have an array of email addresses, like so:

var to = '[user1@gmail.com,user2@gmail.com,user3@gmail.com]';

I am passing it to a javscript script to send mail via the Mandrill api,as follows:

function log(obj) {

// create a new instance of the Mandrill class with your API key
var m = new mandrill.Mandrill('BK0z-Ark1NAZCkc2PwbSRw');
var from_email = "user4@gmail.com";
var to = '[user1@gmail.com,user2@gmail.com,user3@gmail.com]';
// create a variable for the API call parameters
var params = {
    "message": {
        "subject": "Sending a text email from the Mandrill API",
        "text": "I'm learning the Mandrill API at Codecademy, it's very difficult."

function sendTheMail() {
// Send the email!
alert('this is a mail script');
    m.messages.send(params, function(res) {
    }, function(err) {

When to "to" variable is just one email address: "user1@gmail.com" there is no problem.

when I attempt to pass it as array,as above, the json response is:


and the mail is not sent.

How can I fix this and pass the array correctly? I have tried every combination, I can think of ....

"to": [
                "email": "recipient.email@example.com",
                "name": "Recipient Name"

Use JSON instead of array in 'to'.

  • Thanks I know that is what I am supposed to do, so how do I pass multiple emails from my javascript array into that? That's my question. The email addresses I want to use are already in a javascript array, you see. Also, "multiple" is important not just one. – user1903663 May 31 '13 at 7:40
  • var to = '[{"email" : user1@gmail.com , "name" : user1}, {"email" : user2@gmail.com , "name" : user}]; – Jatinder Pal May 31 '13 at 7:45
  • If you have an array then you have to convert it into JSON first same as above format. – Jatinder Pal May 31 '13 at 7:48
  • Thanks I appreciate your assistance, how do I do that? I have tried JSON.stringify(). The emails are already in a javascript array, so I ma stuck at that point. I have tried emails = [] JSON.stringify(emails) but no joy. How do I convert the array, in my code above, into a suitable object to pass to the mandrill email sending bit. I know what the end result should be, how do I get there? My question is how, not what. I cannot hard code it because there may be hundreds of email addresses. – user1903663 May 31 '13 at 8:15
  • 1
    var to = '[user1@gmail.com,user2@gmail.com,user3@gmail.com]'; var obj = {}; for(i in to){ obj[i] = to[i]; } Now you will have a JSON in obj and you can pass it to the mandrill call now. – Jatinder Pal May 31 '13 at 8:23

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