I have a array which i generated by values in a database, the example is below:

$addressarray = array($results['client']->client_city, $results['client']->client_county, $results['client']->client_postcode);

The values are entered by the user using a from, the above array works and the correct values are placed into it, however sometimes the user may not enter the clients county, so therefore


may be blank. I call the array with this.

$address = implode("\n  ", $addressarray);

Now this is the part that i think need fixing, obviously if all the fields have a value then they are displayed with line breaks, but if like i mentioned above the county is blank it will stll output a line break so you will get:



but what i want is


I guessing the


is the issue but am at a blank. any help appreciated.



I think you can use array_filter to your array before use implode() function

$address = implode("\n", array_filter($addressarray));
  • wouldn't you need a call back for array_filter to check if the value is empty? or does array_filter do that by default? – TheSnooker May 31 '13 at 15:04
  • 1
    @TheSnookier If no callback is supplied, all entries of input equal to FALSE (see converting to boolean) will be removed. – Fabio May 31 '13 at 15:05

try to use array_filter() on the $adressesarray, it filters empty values. For more array_filter()

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