I'm contributing to two projects that both require different versions of Grunt:

  • Project A requires Grunt v0.3.2
  • Project B requires Grunt v0.4.1

Both projects have separate workspaces.

I currently have Grunt v0.4.1 installed on my machine; however I can't seem to run grunt on Project A since it detects the gruntfile differently. I could migrate Project A from grunt v0.3->0.4, however I feel there could be a better solution out there in the meantime.

How would I go about solving this conflict?


Grunt 0.3 used to require a global install, but with 0.4 you install the cli globally (npm install grunt-cli). This should still work with 0.3 if you install the cli globally, and then the 0.3 version locally (like 0.4 does).

So to summarize:

  • npm uninstall grunt -g to remove the old global grunt version
  • npm install grunt-cli -g ensure the cli is installed globally
  • npm install grunt@0.3 into your your 0.3 project
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  • That worked beautifully :) I'm able to get both projects running. Thanks for your help! – Rayan Bouajram Jun 1 '13 at 2:03
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    No problem, you can also use the --save-dev and commit the 0.3 dependency to the package.json if you don't plan on updating anytime soon. – nschonni Jun 1 '13 at 2:09

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