Below is my MySQL config file. I am trying to understand how it works. What is the point of [mysqld_safe]? Hasn't [mysqld] already start MySQL? Why is the log-error and pid-file settings after it?

# Settings user and group are ignored when systemd is used (fedora >= 15).
# If you need to run mysqld under different user or group, 
# customize your systemd unit file for mysqld according to the
# instructions in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Systemd


# Disabling symbolic-links is recommended to prevent assorted security risks

# Semisynchronous Replication
# http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/replication-semisync.html
# uncomment next line on MASTER
# uncomment next line on SLAVE

# Others options for Semisynchronous Replication

# http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/performance-schema.html



You can start MySQL server using either mysqld or mysqld_safe. mysqld_safe may itself try to execute mysqld but also may not. See the documentation (the first result in Google for mysqld_safe, btw):

mysqld_safe is the recommended way to start a mysqld server on Unix and NetWare. mysqld_safe adds some safety features such as restarting the server when an error occurs and logging runtime information to an error log file. NetWare-specific behaviors are listed later in this section.

Section [mysqld_safe] in the configuration file is for settings applied when you use mysqld_safe to start MySQL server instead of mysqld.

  • Thanks Mifeet. Yes, I looked at the documentation you referenced before posting this question. I didn't understand that Section [mysqld_safe] is for settings applied when I use mysqld_safe to start MySQL. Does this mean that the other settings under [mysqld] don't apply why MySQL is started using mysqld_safe? Why does adding logging under [mysqld] result in an error? – user1032531 Jun 1 '13 at 13:35
  • 1
    Upon further reading, mysqld_safe reads all options from the [mysqld], [server], and [mysqld_safe] sections in option files. What still confuses me is that I appear to have log-error=/var/log/mysqld.log even when started normally. – user1032531 Jun 1 '13 at 13:42
  • @user1032531 Isn't it the default value? Have you tried setting a different value for log-error in [mysqld_safe]? What error you you mean? – Mifeet Jun 1 '13 at 13:46
  • Sorry, didn't explain. Yes, I tried different values for log-error, and it created a new log file of that name. I was trying to log all transactions, so I added log=/var/log/mysqld_all.log If directly under [mysqld], I get File /var/log/mysqld_all.log not found (Errocode: 13) – user1032531 Jun 1 '13 at 13:53
  • Ah, I guess the file needs to exist first! Still don't understand why I still have error logging even if I start MySQL using /etc/init.d/mysqld start since log=/var/log/mysqld_all.log is under [mysqld_safe]. – user1032531 Jun 1 '13 at 13:59

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