I'm creating a web API in Python which communicates with some other web API's (Facebook, twitter, etc) en a other web API which is programmed at the same time as my API.

Since I like to use test driven development, I wonder how I can apply TDD to my web API. I know about mocking but how can I mock other API's and how can I mock calls to my API.

Update 1: To specify my question. Is it possible to create a web API with TDD under the conditions specified above. If yes, is there a library I can use in Python to do so.

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Since your question is rather broad, I'll just refer you:

Here's a simple example of using mock to mock python-twitter's GetSearch method:

  • test_module.py

    import twitter
    def get_tweets(hashtag):
        api = twitter.Api(consumer_key='consumer_key',
        results = api.GetSearch(hashtag)
        return results
  • test_my_module.py

    from unittest import TestCase
    from mock import patch
    import twitter
    from my_module import get_tweets
    class MyTestCase(TestCase):
        def test_ok(self):
            with patch.object(twitter.Api, 'GetSearch') as search_method:
                search_method.return_value = [{'tweet1', 'tweet2'}]
                self.assertEqual(get_tweets('blabla'), [{'tweet1', 'tweet2'}])

You probably should mock the whole Api object in your unittests in order to still call them unit tests. Hope that helps.

  • Thank you i can figure it out from here. – Kickstarter Jun 3 '13 at 16:01

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