I'm using Jersey 1.17.1 with Jackson 2.2.1.

It seems like Jackson switched packages from org.codehaus to com.fasterxml. I have all my code configured properly and using the latest jackson. However, it seems like Jersey is still pulling in org.codehaus.jackson. Is there any way to mitigate this or should I stick with the codehaus packages until jersey is upgraded to use the fasterxml packages?

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The older Jackson libraries are being pulled in as dependencies of the jersey-json artifact. When


is included in your POM you will automatically get versions of the org.codehaus.jackson libraries included in your project. Unfortunately, jersey-json itself has link time dependencies on the Jackson classes, so you can't simply use exclusions. What you want do to instead is omit it entirely. It's really a kind of wrapper library around a bunch of JSON libraries that you do not necessarily need. Once removed, you can add dependencies for the Jackson 2.2.1 libraries and JAX-RS provider:


Note that with jersey-json removed you no longer have a Stax2, Jettison, or JAXB provider. If you need those then you will have to locate and add dependencies for them manually.


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