From what I understand:


Will make $foo available in all views.

However, is it correct to say View::share() can be used only in the __construct()?

Because from outside __construct() I can't make it to work.

  • can you put the function on how you've used View::share()? Jun 2, 2013 at 6:41

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View::share should be available anywhere within your application. A common place that it is used is in view composers, but it should be usable within a route or wherever you need it.

  • So if I have View::share('name', 'Steve'); inside a controller's method, $name will be available to all other views? It's just that? Jun 2, 2013 at 14:06
  • Ok, I got it wrong initially. I placed in routes.php and it already had the effect I was expecting to. I was trying from inside a single method to another method from another controller. Jun 3, 2013 at 0:09
  • 2
    just to add something for people looking for a good way to do this... place it inside the __construct() method of your base controller. ;) Aug 12, 2016 at 21:45

Yes, adding:


in your routes.php file will make $foo (with a value of 'bar') available in all views. This is especially useful for something like Twitter Bootstrap's "active" navigation classes. For example, you could do:

View::share('navactive', '');

to make sure the navactive variable is set in all views (and thus won't throw errors) and then when you are making views (in your controller, for example), you could pass:

return View::make('one')->with('navactive', 'one');

and then in your view (preferably some bootstrappy blade template) you can do the following:

<ul class="nav">
    @if ( Auth::user() )
    <li @if ($navactive === 'one') class="active" @endif><a href="{{{ URL::to('one/') }}}">One</a></li>
    <li @if ($navactive === 'three') class="active" @endif><a href="{{{ URL::to('three/') }}}">Three</a></li>
    <li @if ($navactive === 'five') class="active" @endif><a href="{{{ URL::to('five/') }}}">Five</a></li>
  • This is quite handy! Thanks Aug 15, 2014 at 2:22
  • That's a handy usage for that. However, you could always add an if statement to check if the $navactive isset(). Because you've mentioned the navigation marking, another handy solution would be using a plugin that I've built for that very purpose which can be found here: github.com/kfirba/markNavigator
    – kfirba
    Aug 27, 2014 at 5:50

Basically if you want to share the variables through all view, you might first want to create a base route(E.x.:internalController.php) as a parent class then extend other controllers as a child of it(E.x:childController.php).

And yeah you will most likely set the view::share('foo', $bar) in the __constructor() of the internalController.php, since it lunches whenever the class is initialized, this way the parent class will serve the variable values to the child classes.

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