Where is a good place to get started learning how to use jQuery? It seems to be all the rage nowadays. I know some basics of JavaScript but I'm by no means an expert.

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Officially from jQuery http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials

Or try anything on this site that compiles a bunch of jQuery learning material:



I can whole-heartedly recommend Manning's 'JQuery In Action'. VERY readable, and does a great job of explaining the framework-specific abstractions.


Here's a 4 part (so far) series on Jquery Basics.

  • It's more than 4 parts now, and it was an extremely useful introduction series. Thanks for the great suggestion. – James Beninger May 24 '12 at 14:23

JQuery web site has some nice tutorials itself.


As well as the jQuery in Action book that's already been mentioned, there's Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide from Packt. They work well as a pair: the Learning book has plenty of examples that they walk through in some detail - once you know what's possible, the Reference Guide helps you find the right method from the fairly comprehensive options available.


If you're into video tutorials, check out the jQuery for Absolute Beginners Series. It really helped to make jQuery click with me, more than traditional tutorials.


Have you looked through jQuery.com? Their documentation is really excellent.


I've found the links from "The Complete jQuery Resource List for You to Become an Almighty Developer" to be very helpful.

  • February 2010 the link no longer works. If anybody knows a new one, please edit the answer to add it. Thanks! – DOK Feb 7 '10 at 22:13

There are lots of articles on JQuery on the web. Here's one for a beginner:



I started with 15 days of jquery


There are a lot of them out there, google it, and the jQuery official site itself has a huge list of tutorials and excellent documentation with working examples. If that's not enough, try http://jqueryfordesigner.com, http://bassistance.de. I have also written some at my blog, http://www.chazzuka.com/blog.


I've just run into this one. I recommend it because it explains the basics and gives a solid foundation that you can build on.



I ran across a site with JQuery videos recently.

There was also a Hanselminutes podcast on the subject of jQuery.

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