I'm trying to understand why the following error arises,

add (Erf prob) to the context of the instance declaration

I have a simple instance that is using the erf from Data.Number.Erf

instance (Floating prob) => CDF (Normal prob) where
    cdf dist dp = ( 0.5 * ( 1 + erf ( (x - mu)/ (sqrt $ sigma2 *2) )))

but ghc-7.6.3 will complain with the above and a possible fix is to change instance (Floating prob) to instance(Floating prob, Erf prob) could any one explain why this is needed? `


If you look at the documentation for Data.Number.Erf, you see there's

class Floating a => Erf a where
  erf :: a -> a

This means that the erf function is part of the Erf class. It's type is erf :: Erf a => a -> a. That means that you need to add Erf a to the context (bit before the =>) of the type of any function that uses it on an a, to make sure that erf is defined for values of type a.

In this case, you've already called that type prob, so we need Erf prob.

In fact, since Floating is a superclass of Erf, anything that's an instance of Erf must already be an instance of Floating, so you don't need to specify that explicitly. This means you could write

instance (Erf prob) => CDF (Normal prob) where

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