I have implemented the enum below:

public enum CaseOriginCode
        Web = 0,
        Email = 1,
        Telefoon = 2

I would like to get the enum int value by a string. Something like this:

public void setCaseOriginCode(string caseOriginCodeParam)
    int caseOriginCode = CaseOriginCode.GetEnumByString(caseOriginCodeParam);
    // do something with this integer

So my input is a string and my output needs to be an int.

Or is it better to implement an dictionary with an key value. The key will be the string and the will be an int.

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    Is this Java code? Than please use the java tag. – user1907906 Jun 3 '13 at 7:29
  • maybe valueOf() instead? – Dmitry Zagorulkin Jun 3 '13 at 7:34

Please try with the below code snippet.

public void setCaseOriginCode(string CaseOriginCode)
    int caseOriginCode = (int)(CaseOriginCode)Enum.Parse(typeof(CaseOriginCode), CaseOriginCode);

Let me know if any concern.


If I understand this question correctly why not just use a switch case?

 public CaseOriginCode setCaseOriginCode(string caseOriginCodeParam)
            case "Web":
                return CaseOriginCode.Web;
            case "Email":
                return CaseOriginCode.Email;
            case "Telefoon":
                return CaseOriginCode.Telefoon;
                return default(CaseOriginCode);

So in practice it would be something like this...

int x = (int)setCaseOriginCode("Web"); // output would be 0
CaseOriginCode y = setCaseOriginCode("Email"); // output would be CaseOriginCode.Email

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