How can we achieve this in a single sql (mysql) query ?

I need to search some patterns in a column and if any pattern matches then replace that pattern with a specific string. like if

   pattern ptr1 matches then replace this with str1
   pattern ptr2 matches then replace this with str2

I need a function like replace that can replace a regular expression. here is my query i need to improve this for regular expression

UPDATE category SET column1 = 
    WHEN (column1 REGEXP 'xy') THEN REPLACE(column1, 'xy' , 'ffff')
    ELSE column1

Please help me in this.

  • Thanks I tried that function but did not work. its working this way when i am passing a string like UPDATE category SET column1 = (CASE WHEN (column1 REGEXP '^xy') THEN regex_replace ('^xy' , 'ffff','kunal pawar') ELSE column1 END) but did not work when i pass column name like - UPDATE category SET column1 = (CASE WHEN (column1 REGEXP '^xy') THEN regex_replace ('^xy' , 'ffff',column1) ELSE column1 END) – kunal Jun 3 '13 at 8:04
  • If you solved the problem, go ahead and answer your own question. – Roger Jun 3 '13 at 8:10

you can put multiple replace function while updating table values -

UPDATE category SET column1 = 
  • actually my problem is like that - suppose i have a column name and then if i get kunal# in name then kunal# should be replaced by pawar and if i find kunal@ in the name then it should be replaced by pawar-1 for ex hidfds kunal# 434fdwef -> hidfds pawar 434fdwef hidfds kunal@ 434fdwef -> hidfds pawar-1 434fdwef – kunal Jun 3 '13 at 8:09

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