I want to use JSON in my client server application.

I need to send to the server the client name and subscribe or unsubscribe.

I'm new to java and very new to JSON.

Can I please get an example of how to do such a thing?

How can I encode the data using JSON on the client side, send it through UDP and decode it on the server side?



Use a third party library like XStream. It's very easy API to use.


Take mkyong's Jersey + Jackson example, or any other Jersey + Jackson example.

You'll need to familiarize yourself with with Java application server too though.


Google's GSON is very easy to use and well-documented if you are new to this stuff. That will take care of the encoding / decoding for you.


Maybe SpringMVC will help you. See this example.


I recently published a framework that may help you. Please check https://sites.google.com/site/javacornproject/corn-gate project page to get detailed information.

Below is a sample code to define and implement a service in Gate:

public interface IHelloWorldService {
   public String sayHelloWorld();

public class HelloWorldServiceImpl {
    public String sayHelloWorld(){
        return "Hello World";

Below are the couple of samples to access to HelloWorldService from various clients :

1- JavaScript Client AJAX Call:

var jsonrq = new JsonRpcRequest("http://localhost:8888/jsonrpc");
var response = jsonrq.send("358", "HelloWorldService", "sayHelloWorld");

2-Java Remote Client:

JsonRpcClient client= new JsonRpcClient(new URI("http://localhost/jsonrpc"));
JsonRpcResponse resp= client.callAService("HelloWorldService","sayHelloWorld");

3-REST client (Browser)


I hope this helps.

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