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I was having an issue of reading CMYK JPEG images , and have used below url as reference for solving the issue.


I have given the configuration org.monte.media.jpeg.CMYKJPEGImageReaderSpi in the file javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi under path /META-INF/services/javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi.

This works perfectly inside eclipse and the image reader is loaded successfully.

This file is not loading when deployed , i can find the folder and the file in the generated war file in my desired jar file inside lib folder, i guess i need to add it to java classpath.

Please help me to add to classpath or if there is any other issue with it.

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You need to add this file as a static resource to your build lifecycle.

For Ant or Gradle you just need to write a simple copy task (Ant task, Gradle task), for Maven you can use Maven Resources Plugin.

After that your file should appears in your app package.

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I added entry in pom.xml <resources> <resource> <filtering>true</filtering> <directory>src/main/resources</directory> <includes> <include>META- INF/services/javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi</include> </includes> </resource> </resources> Same error i got , the reader is not loading. Am i doing something wrong here ? –  Sanket Jun 12 '13 at 5:14
First of all remove extra space from <include>META- INF/services... After that check if resource appears in app package. If it's not then recheck your pom configuration for Maven Resources plugin. In addition to your extra resource you need to specify phase and goal when resources will be processed (see link above). –  Maxim Kolesnikov Jun 12 '13 at 7:51

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