I use org-mode to clock my work and sometimes I work past midnight for few hours.

So, for example, I clocked time starting 03.06.2013 10pm and ending 04.06.2013 2am.

And org-mode is dividing it at 0am, starting new day. But it would be more convinient for me if that time 0am-2am was recorded for 03.06.2013 instead of 04.06.2013.

So I want to be able to specify at what time (say, 4am) org-mode is deciding the new day has started.

I can use a workaround by shifting timezone for the emacs process, but then I need to keep in mind that all recorded time is shifted... Not very convinient.


See the variable org-extend-today-until, a variable defined in org.el.

The hour when your day really ends. Must be an integer.
This has influence for the following applications:

  • When switching the agenda to "today". It it is still earlier than the time given here, the day recognized as TODAY is actually yesterday.
  • When a date is read from the user and it is still before the time given here, the current date and time will be assumed to be yesterday, 23:59. Also, timestamps inserted in capture templates follow this rule.

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