Is it possible to do an OR in the $match?

I mean something like this:

    { $or: [ $match : { author : "dave" }, $match : { author : "john" }] }

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$match: { $or: [{ author: 'dave' }, { author: 'john' }] }

Like so, since the $match operator just takes what you would normally put into the find() function


In this particular case, where you are $or-ing the same field, the $in operator would be a better choice, also because it increases readability:

$match: { 
  'author': { 
    $in: ['dave','john'] 

According to the MongoDB docs, using $in is recommended in this case:

$or versus $in

When using $or with <expressions> that are equality checks for the value of the same field, use the $in operator instead of the $or operator.


$match : {
$or: [
                    $expr: {
                        $ne: ["$community", ObjectId(id)]
                    community: {
                        $exists: false


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