I am new to 3D modeling. I have a request to show 3D model in iPad. I have been reading and searching about this and found some out of date discussion about this, and nothing conclusive. I wish to display 3D (probably .obj file) model so the use will be able rotate it. Can you please give me points where to start. OpenGL? Unity? Cocos? I have read this post:

Want to display a 3D model on the iPhone: how to get started?

But its from 2009, in app development time it is ancient... Maybe there is some thing new in this area.

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    If loading .obj files is what you want, you can refer to these more recent questions: Best way to load a obj file on iOS and Loading 3D model in iOS. Loading and displaying 3-D models in general is a pretty broad topic, so you might need to be a little more specific to set this question apart from the many others like it that have come up since the one you point to. – Brad Larson Jun 4 '13 at 13:59

You can use http://nineveh.gl/

For implementing 3d objects in your view.

  • That project is not finished and not maintained anymore. You can't apply things such as zoom, for example – Rafael Ruiz Muñoz May 9 '16 at 14:13

here's some links from a little bit of research

How to convert Blender blend (or obj) file to Qualcom Vuforia .h file



these links provide nice information regarding your post, but as far as i can find, there are no concrete tutorials about doing this. You might need to build a 3D model in another program that you are more familiar with to get the concepts down and then try to mimic it in ios

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