Still new to async javascript coding, I'm trying to wrap my head around this gist: https://gist.github.com/dariocravero/3922137

Within client_save.file.js - I don't understand all parts of this stub:

fileReader.onload = function(file) {
    Meteor.call('saveFile', file.srcElement.result, name, path, encoding);

First of all, the argument in function(file) isn't defined - where is "file"?! Or is there some magic with "closure" that is return a value to the file argument?

Secondly, the Meteor.call doesn't trigger, I've placed console.logs within the Meteor.methods version of saveFile, and get nada. Is it because fileReader.onload = function( ... isn't a stub?

Lastly, what is fileReader.onload? Does it say when the DOM loads whatever fileReader is trying to, then invoke this function? Is there a better way to do this in meteor, using something like Meteor.template.rendered = function() .. ?

Anyways, I'm now officially twisted, can't tell top from bottom looking at this for a couple hours. Officially, I can't get the Meteor.call to trigger, following that gist.

(Using meteor 0.6.31).


You have to use more code. fileReader is the HTML5 api that can read files you put up in an <input type="file" or drag and drop into the window. So when a file is loaded into the browser the fileReader.onload is called with file as the file which was loaded into the browser.

It looks like the gist is similar to Meteor-File a package on the atmosphere repository. But not all the code is present in that gist. Luckily Chris Mather who built it made videocasts explaining in depth how it's made : http://www.eventedmind.com/posts/meteor-build-a-file-upload-package

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