I am using Fabric to deploy a Celery broker (running RabbitMQ) and multiple Celery workers with celeryd daemonized through supervisor. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to reload the tasks.py module short of rebooting the servers.


environment=[RABBITMQ crendentials here]
command=xvfb-run celeryd --loglevel=INFO --autoreload


import os

## Broker settings
BROKER_URL = "amqp://%s:%s@hostname" % (os.environ["RMQU"], os.environ["RMQP"])

# List of modules to import when celery starts.
CELERY_IMPORTS = ("tasks", )

## Using the database to store task state and results.


Additional information

  • celery --version 3.0.19 (Chiastic Slide)
  • python --version 2.7.3
  • lsb_release -a Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
  • rabbitmqctl status ... 2.7.1 ...

Here are some things I have tried:

  • The celeryd --autoreload flag
  • sudo supervisorctl restart celeryd
  • celery.control.broadcast('pool_restart', arguments={'reload': True})
  • ps auxww | grep celeryd | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -HUP

And unfortunately, nothing causes the workers to reload the tasks.py module (e.g. after running git pull to update the file). The gist of the relevant fab functions is available here.

The brokers/workers run fine after a reboot.

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    supervisorctl restart usually does the trick for me. – Paulo Scardine Jun 5 '13 at 3:06
  • Alas, not for me. I have added a gist for my fabfile.py with the relevant fab functions excerpted. – pztrick Jun 5 '13 at 13:34
  • wide guess here, but have you tried to delete *.pyc before reloading? – Paulo Scardine Jun 8 '13 at 23:15
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    Have you tried the reload function? – NT3RP Jun 9 '13 at 2:52
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    Deleting the *.pyc files, in combination with the usual supevisorctl commands, the -HUP kill signal, or celery.control.broadcast did not work. I now have it working by sending a -9 kill signal to both celeryd and Xvfb so it seems to be related to the headless X server process. A -9 signal isn't exactly graceful, but nothing else is working. – pztrick Jun 11 '13 at 14:13

Just a shot in the dark, with the celeryd --autoreload option did you make sure you have one of the file system notification backends? It recommends PyNotify for linux, so I'd start by making sure you have that installed.

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    No dice. :( Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pyinotify in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (Version 0.9.4) – pztrick Jun 17 '13 at 13:13

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