I have squashed 40 commmits at some point in time, and would like to pick back one commit. Is there some way to do this? I have the commit ref (93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2) that I would like to unsquash.

  • More information may help. What do you mean by 'unsquash` and 'pick back'?
    – dyng
    Commented Jun 5, 2013 at 9:14

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You could use git reflog to browse all the commits that existed! Or since you have the commit hash you could just do a git checkout 93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2 and see the commit itself..


You can add the patch representing that commit onto the top of the branch you are on by doing

git cherry-pick 93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2
  • What good is this? It will only be an empty commit once the merge runs. Maybe if you rebased and inserted it before. Commented Apr 10 at 3:44

run this command on the terminal, which will give you list of squash commits

git reflog

enter image description here

then you can checkout to any commit by using commit hash like this

git checkout 953a9b5

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