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(Screenshot is of the built-in python console in pycharm which uses ipython. Same problem exists if I use ipython separately as well. enter image description here In the IPython console, if I type from gi.repository import and press tab to see the available options, I don't see any of these modules (Glib, RB, Gtk, Gio etc.). But if I execute from gi.repository import RB or Gtk etc, it works! Even though it shouldn't according to my autocomplete list. Then if I type from gi.repository import and press tab, I see the module I imported previously. Same with any other module from the list. Why is this happening? It's causing wrongly reported errors in PyCharm (as you can see in the screenshot).

EDIT: To illustrate the problem better:

See what I mean? At first it showed only RB and absolute_import as choices. STILL I was able to import Gtk. After that it showed a couple of more options. Still isn't a complete list of modules.

enter image description here

Add that directory as "source" content root.


The pycharm autosuggest will start showing the suggestions.

  • But this problem is not specific to Pycharm. It happens with pure ipython as well. I just put a screenshot of pycharm because it utilizes ipython and that's how I discovered the problem. – user1265125 Jun 5 '13 at 6:55

reconstruct list of available modules : %rehashx cf %rehashx?, last paragraph.

Update the alias table with all executable files in $PATH.

This version explicitly checks that every entry in $PATH is a file
with execute access (os.X_OK), so it is much slower than %rehash.

Under Windows, it checks executability as a match against a
'|'-separated string of extensions, stored in the IPython config
variable win_exec_ext.  This defaults to 'exe|com|bat'.

This function also resets the root module cache of module completer,
used on slow filesystems.
  • Nope it doesn't seem to fix anything. Do check the edit for a better explanation of the problem. – user1265125 Jun 5 '13 at 10:59

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