I had read through a rails book and once found we can add # TODO: and some # stuff in codes, so we can you some rake cmd to look back.

My problems is I can't find where are those "# stuff" and "rake cmd" I google and search around, but can't find and don't know what keywords to search.


You can use # TODO, # FIXME, and # OPTIMIZE and you can easily get all of these with the following rake task: rake notes

In addition to the default annotations, you can always specify and search for your own annotations:

rake notes:custom ANNOTATION=ZOMG

rake notes:todo


btw, you need to run that command from the root dir of your rails app. Also, you can run:

rake -T

to get a full list of the tasks in your rails' Rakefile

grep -rn "# TODO" .
  • Will look through every file in project, which may be slow and not useful. – Epigene Dec 7 '18 at 11:12

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