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I am trying location update example from following link


It gave me some errors that I resolved by adding google play services, the application is building without errors, but when I am running it (both using AVD or real device) it is giving ClassNotFoundException and is not working.

I am using eclipse and ADT for my development

Adding error snapshot for reference


You need to add the lib android-support-v4.jar that is is your sdk.
Then, go to project properties (alt+Enter) -> Java Build Path -> Order and Export and then check android-support-v4.jar. Clean the project and it will work.

If you don't know how to ass a library you can co to properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries tab and then click to add external jars.


Did you include the Google-play-services.jar file and also please make sure you have this metadata included in your manifest

for more details - refer



I think you should right-click on the Android project, choose properties, Java Build Path, and Checks the "Android Private Libraries" under "Order and Export".

You should tick something ;)

Check this out

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