I draw a map from mapdata package and I can easily add some points to it when it is not projected. I want to use a Mercator projection for the map and I try to project the points too but I didn't find the way to add them to this map. Maybe I don't use the right projection strings ? Or did I make some stupid mistake ?

# points dataset with coordinates of some European cities
places <- structure(list(city = structure(c(3L, 12L, 1L, 2L, 9L, 5L, 11L, 
    15L, 7L, 13L, 4L, 16L, 10L, 14L, 8L, 6L, 17L), .Label = c("Amsterdam", 
    "Berlin", "Brussels", "Copenhagen", "Dublin", "Genève", "Helsinki", 
    "Lisboa", "London", "Madrid", "Oslo", "Paris", "Reykjavik", "Roma", 
    "Stockholm", "Warsaw", "Wien"), class = "factor"), lon = c(4.3517103, 
    2.3522219, 4.8951679, 13.4060912, -0.1198244, -6.2603097, 10.7522454, 
    18.06491, 24.9410248, -21.89521, 12.5683371, 21.0122287, -3.7037902, 
    12.4825199, -9.1500364, 6.1422961, 16.3738189), lat = c(50.8503396, 
    48.856614, 52.3702157, 52.519171, 51.5112139, 53.3498053, 59.9138688, 
    59.32893, 60.1733244, 64.135338, 55.6760968, 52.2296756, 40.4167754, 
    41.8929163, 38.7252993, 46.1983922, 48.2081743)), .Names = c("city", 
    "lon", "lat"), row.names = c(NA, -17L), class = "data.frame")


# simple map with long lat as plot coordinates
map(database = "worldHires", xlim=c(-12,50), ylim=c(35, 70), resolution = 1, mar=c(0,0,0,0))
points(places$lon, places$lat, col = "red")

# transform the points data.frame into a spatial object
coordinates(places) <- c("lon", "lat")
proj4string(places) <- CRS("+proj=longlat")

# this map works
map(database = "worldHires", xlim=c(-12,50), ylim=c(35, 70), resolution = 1, mar=c(0,0,0,0))
plot(places, add=TRUE, col = "red")

# project the points with Mercator projection (maybe not the wright one?)
places <- spTransform(places, CRS("+proj=merc"))

# The map with mercator projection is ok but  the points are not there (and their
# coordinates values are indeed very different from the map coordinates)
map(database = "worldHires",projection = "mercator", xlim=c(-12,50), ylim=c(35, 70), resolution = 1, mar=c(0,0,0,0))
plot(places, add=TRUE, col = "red")

Using the original version of your places object, you can add points to your projected map using the mapproj() function, as described on this webpage.

map(database="worldHires", projection="mercator", 
    xlim=c(-12,50), ylim=c(35, 70), 
    resolution=1, mar=c(0, 0, 0, 0))
points(mapproject(places$lon, places$lat), col="red")
  • Thanks for your reply. Really helpful. If somebody knows why my first approach with sptransform don't work, I'm still interested. There is also somthing I don't understand with mapproject : if I specify explicitely the projection, the points are not at the right place on the map : points(mapproject(places$lon, places$lat, proj="mercator"), col = "red"). Why ? – Gilles Jun 6 '13 at 8:47
  • Regarding the projection, read the help file on mapproj under the orientation argument. 'This means that two maps plotted with their own default orientation may not line up. To avoid this, you should not specify a projection twice but rather default to the previous projection using projection="". See the examples.' – Jean V. Adams Jun 6 '13 at 13:13
  • OK, understood. Thanks again ! – Gilles Jun 6 '13 at 13:28

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