I have a Web Application in which I authorize using ACS. I want to execute a specific page using Fiddler, however I need the "FedAuth1" cookie set so the page doesn't get bounced back to authentication.

Example: Cookie: FedAuth1 = xyz

Url to execute: https://www.someapp.com/myapplication/order/list/

Result (because of lack of cookie): https://www.someapp.com/myapplication/Authentication/SignIn

Can/How do I set this cookie in Fiddler before executing the request?


Your example looks exactly right, you can use the Cookie: HTTP header when making your request. So your Fiddler request window would look like this:

Fiddler request

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In case you want to test the API/url which have authentication enabled ,please try following , i am showing for MVC web API on IIS server. usually there are more than 1 cookie responsible for authorization ,so you may need to send more than 1 cookie in header as follows : User-Agent: Fiddler Host: localhost:51000 content-Type: application/json Cookie : .ASPXAUTH=xxxxx;ASP.NET_SessionId=yyyy;__RequestVerificationToken=zzzz

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