I'm no longer getting intellisense in my XAML. Not too long ago, I changed some settings within VS 2008. I believe one of them had to do with auto-loading the toolbox. Secondly, I changed the default XAML editor to the XML editor instead of the designer. Visual Studio was just acting too slow and this seemed to fix my problems. Now, I need to do some designer work again and I'm not getting intellisense. If I go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->XAML, auto list members is greyed out. Hitting Ctrl-space brings it up for me but I don't want to do this all of the time. Also, I've noticed I can't even drag a Grid from the tool box onto the XAML. BTW, I do have resharper installed. Would that be over-powering some of the VS options? Any ideas.


Figured it out myself. It seems that Resharper was using its own intellisense. I just simply changed it (Resharper->Options->Environment->Intellisense) to use Visual Studio's instead. I don't know how it was working before, especially since I haven't messed with this Resharper setting before.

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