If I have a process like rails c or guard that I exit out of with the command exit the tmux window also exit.

This is not very practical when I just want to restart for example the rail console.

Can I prevent this behavior in tmux?


You can set the remain-on-exit window option to prevent tmux from closing a window (pane) when the process running it ends.

setw remain-on-exit on

The session option set-remain-on-exit is also available; with it you can arrange for all the windows/panes of a session to automatically have remain-on-exit turned on.

After a remain-on-exit pane’s process ends, the pane will display the message “Pane is dead” until it is closed with the command kill-pane (or kill-window), or a new command is started there with respawn-pane (or respawn-window).

respawn-pane 'rails c'     # respawn with a specific command
respawn-pane               # respawn whatever the previous command

If you are not overly concerned about cleanly exiting a pane’s existing process, then you can even restart a pane without first exiting its current process like this:

respawn-pane -k            # kill current process (if any) and respawn the previous command
  • Is it possible to do this (remain-on-exit) on if the process exited with return code != 0?
    – blueyed
    Jun 7 '14 at 18:36
  • @blueyed: None of the remain-on-exit code tests the exit status, but you could adjust it as the last step of your command. To have only non-zero exits remain you could start the window with something like neww 'zsh -l || tmux set -q remain-on-exit' if remain-on-exit` is normally off in your config (if it is normally on, then change to &&). This will only really work for single-pane windows though since having a split pane toggle the option for the whole window is probably not what you want. Jun 7 '14 at 19:11
  • @ChrisJohnsen thanks for your answer! Then it's probably not feasible to have this with vim-dispatch, which is using a tmux pane to start a background process.
    – blueyed
    Jun 7 '14 at 23:00

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