I have an intermittent issue when trying to debug local IIS sites.

Visual will hang and eventually displays the error:

The web server did not respond in a timely manner. This may be because another debugger is already attached to the web server

If I wait a minute and hit "Start Debugging" again it will work (sometimes I may get the error several times but it eventually works).

There is nothing in the Event Viewer around the times I try to debug. The app pool is .net V4.0 Integrated. I am running Windows 8 Pro with IIS 8 and Visual Studio 2010. Also its a site using EpiServer 6 R2.

I have tried IISReset, stopping/starting the site, closing and reopening Visual, rebooting my machine. None of that seems to make a difference, its hit and miss whether the solution will debug or not.

Once the solution is debugging, it runs fine without issue. Until I stop debugging and try and start debugging again.

The site runs fine in all other aspects, its only when I try to debug.


So... I never fixed this issue, but have since upgraded to a solid state drive. So I now have a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro and Visual and the issue has not resurfaced.

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