I know that there is a way to get a different view of the output generated by a mysql select query from command line. Yet I forgot how to activate it and I am quite oblivious how to search for the feature.

Standard behavior is an printed horizontal table with lots of ASCII-symbols and each field is printed next to another. The alternative approach is more, for lack of a better words, yml- or tree-like. It lists the data vertically and I found it to be more human-readable, especially on small terminals.

Could anybody enlighten me how to activate that output mode again?

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You are referring to the \G option, the vertical mode or according to mysql help the ego mode.

mysql> SELECT * FROM posts LIMIT 1\G

To make it standard behaviour add the following to your .my.cnf:

  • Exactly. Silly me was only trying \g :) – k0pernikus Jun 7 '13 at 0:28

Are you looking for mk-visual-explain ?


  • No, I wasn't looking for this but this seems nice, too. Could you add a few more relevant information from the link into your answer? An answer should stand on its own and not be merely a link. – k0pernikus Jun 7 '13 at 0:34

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