I am trying to create library that will write "error" messages in database, I do not think that I will be able to write PHPs errors nor CodeIgniters, but I can write my own "errors" something like

$this->error->write("User is not allowed to go in here");

I know there is a error handling already built in CodeIgniter on top of all it only supports writing errors/infos/debugs in file not database.

The real question is: how to get controller that called function.

Lets say I am in controller -> ./admin/settings.php and error ocures, code will call my library and I want it to store controller that called it. (I may be forced to send it as parameter but I don't want to write manually that it was fcn("error text", "/settings.php");

Assumed output: /controllers/admin/settings.php somewhere inside class that is called by controller.

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    I also found this one $this->router->fetch_class();, what I am trying to achieve is simple just send one parameter to function not two. I am going to try __FILE__ but I am afraid that it will return index.php well, lets see. – Kyslik Jun 7 '13 at 11:15

You can use the router class to get this info

Also works with Codeigniter v3.0.x

To get the controller(class)


To get the method(function)

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