I'm confused as to where I can find the date a youtube video was uploaded. I've been using the following two functions:


The first is when the video was last updated, and I'm not so sure that is the same as when it was uploaded. The "video recorded" is not always present. I assume its taken from camera metadata.

I need the date it was uploaded to the youtube website. Thanks.


From the YouTube API Reference Guide.

"The <yt:uploaded> tag specifies the time that a playlist entry was originally uploaded to YouTube."

If you just browse the feed file for a particular video, such as http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/bTL5bErRk-g, you can see the uploaded date in the "published" tag, near the top:


Whatever 'published' technically means to YouTube, that's my video, and I can confirm that that's when I uploaded it.


I was actually hoping for an answer through the PHP API specifically. None of the functions in the documentation were working, though I was able to get the date uploaded from PHP like so:

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    I tried the code above but it didn't quite work. So I tried $videoEntry->published and that worked. – JamesG Jun 24 '11 at 12:08

Latest Youtube API supports date.



For Youtube V3, it's something like this:


"publishedAt" seems to have the date and time of publication in UTC timezone

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