How do I say WHERE (a = 1 OR b =1 ) AND (c = 1 OR d = 1)

For more complicated queries am I supposed to use raw SQL?

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Make use of Parameter Grouping (Laravel 4.2). For your example, it'd be something like this:

Model::where(function ($query) {
    $query->where('a', '=', 1)
          ->orWhere('b', '=', 1);
})->where(function ($query) {
    $query->where('c', '=', 1)
          ->orWhere('d', '=', 1);

If you want to use parameters for a,b,c,d in Laravel 4

Model::where(function ($query) use ($a,$b) {
    $query->where('a', '=', $a)
          ->orWhere('b', '=', $b);
->where(function ($query) use ($c,$d) {
    $query->where('c', '=', $c)
          ->orWhere('d', '=', $d);

if you want to use parentheses in laravel 4 and don't forget return
In Laravel 4 (at least) you need to use $a, $b in parentheses as in the example

$a = 1;
$b = 1;
$c = 1;
$d = 1;
Model::where(function ($query) use ($a, $b) {
    return $query->where('a', '=', $a)
          ->orWhere('b', '=', $b);
})->where(function ($query) use ($c, $d) {
    return $query->where('c', '=', $c)
          ->orWhere('d', '=', $d);

This is my result: enter image description here

  • Thank you for mentioning the use($a, $b) – mentorgashi Jan 6 '16 at 12:48

Incase you're looping the OR conditions, you don't need the the second $query->where from the other posts (actually I don't think you need in general, you can just use orWhere in the nested where if easier)

$attributes = ['first'=>'a','second'=>'b'];

$query->where(function ($query) use ($attributes) 
    foreach ($attributes as $key=>value)
        //you can use orWhere the first time, dosn't need to be ->where
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    I think you will have to add the use keyword to use the attributes variable inside the where. – Meneer Venus Jul 18 '15 at 14:40

$a, $b, $c, $d can be dynamic values by the query

 ->where(function($query) use ($a, $b)
            $query->where('a', $a)
 ->where(function($query) use ($c, $d)
            $query->where('c', $c)

You can also use query scopes to make things a bit tidier, so you can do something like:

Invoice::where('account', 27)->notPaidAt($date)->get();

Then in your model

public function scopeNotPaidAt($query, $asAt)
    $query = $query->where(function ($query) use ($asAt) { 
        $query->where('paid', '=', '0000-00-00')->orWhere('paid', '>=', $asAt); 
    return $query;    

Simply Use in Laravel Eloquent:

$a='foo', $b='bar', $c='john', $d='doe';

Coder::where(function ($query) use ($a, $b) {
    $query->where('a', '=', $a)
          ->orWhere('b', '=', $b);
})->where(function ($query) use ($c, $d) {
    $query->where('c', '=', $c)
          ->orWhere('d', '=', $d);

Will produce a query like:

SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE (a='foo' or b='bar') AND (c='john' or d='doe');

You can also query the first or condition and later you can apply another or condition

$model = Model::where('a',1)->orWhere('b',1);

now apply another condition on that $model variable

$model1 = $model->where('c',1)->orWhere('d',1)->get();

Another way without using Modal

Database: stocks Columns:id,name,company_name,exchange_name,status enter image description here

  $name ='aa'
  $stocks = DB::table('stocks')
            ->select('name', 'company_name', 'exchange_name')
            ->where(function($query) use ($name) {
                $query->where('name', 'like', '%' . $name . '%')
                ->orWhere('company_name', 'like', '%' . $name . '%');
            ->Where('status', '=', 1)
YourModel::where(function ($query) use($a,$b) {
          ->orWhere('b','=', $b);
})->where(function ($query) use ($c,$d) {

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