This code should be valid (code snippet is from a book). I am trying to learn the ruby language and I am getting an unexpected error. The author was using ruby v1.8.4 -- I am using 2.0. I suspect the version is to blame.

lineWidth = 40
str = '--> Word <--'

puts str.ljust lineWidth
puts str.rjust lineWidth
puts str.center lineWidth
puts str.ljust (lineWidth/2) + str.rjust (lineWidth/2)

ruby version 2.0 p195

*Error is

c5.rb:7: syntax error, unexpected ( arg, expecting end-of-input
puts str.ljust (lineWidth/2) + str.rjust (lineWidth/2)

*Output should be

--> Word <--
                            --> Word <--
              --> Word <--
--> Word <--                --> Word <--

Can someone tell me why this is returning an error? Thank you!

  • Looks like precedence issues, try puts ((str.ljust (lineWidth/2)) + (str.rjust (lineWidth/2))), if that works try peeling off parens until you find the culprit. – Kevin Jun 8 '13 at 3:08

Just remove the spaces between method name and parenthesis:

puts str.ljust(lineWidth/2) + str.rjust(lineWidth/2)

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