Recently I extended my server's storage size. Everything else is working fine, but I cannot manage to start MongoDB by sudo service mongodb start. After I typed in this command, it prompted mongodb start/running, process 1279. It looks OK. but when I check the status of the service, it shows the service is not running. So I checked the mongodb.log. What I found is the service will start, and after a while, the service process will receive a signal 2: Thu Jun 6 06:09:06.963 got signal 2 (Interrupt), will terminate after current cmd ends.

I also try to configure the mongodb to output more verbose log, but it didn't help me to figure out the source if the interruption.

Now I can only start MongoDB with sudo mongod --config /path/to/conf_file. Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks!

  • Maybe some setting in /etc/default/mongodb causes the problem. Try sourcing it and the run the mongod on the command line. – TeTeT Jun 8 '13 at 6:30
  • i have the same problem!! – Robert Feb 3 '14 at 19:31

What I did was being sure that all the files and directories in your /var/lib/mongodb/ folder (or whichever folder dbpath points to) belong to the mongodb user and mongodb group.

cd /var/lib/mongodb/
sudo chown -R mongodb *
sudo chgrp -R mongodb *

Then you can remove the lock, repair the database and restart the daemon:

sudo rm /var/lib/mongodb/mongod.lock   
sudo -u mongodb mongod --config /etc/mongodb.conf --repair 
sudo service mongodb start

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