I want to implement a Indoor Navigation application in android. My first task is to display the map in android.

I have created the indoor map in both shape file and OSM file format.

• I created the shape file using QGIS. • I created the OSM file using JOSM.

I couldn't find any guideline on how to display any of those file types in android platform as a map.

I have found the FootPath indoor navigation app which uses an OSM map tiles for the map. I found this question in Stack exchange about performing a similar task

How to create map tiles from OpenStreetMap offline, display it on Android?

But the answer of this question doesn't help me on creating the Map.Perticularly the part where i have to create tiles using mobile atlas creator.I have posted a comment on that question to clarify that.

I want to know whether there are any other way i could do this?

Can any one help me with this? Thank YOU!


Try mapforge. You can find it here mapforge

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