I am trying to build a simple Gtkada UI from examples found on elsewhere on the Internet. For instance this one.

The examples use:

Gtk.Widget.Show_All (Get_Widget (Builder, "main_window"));

which seems reasonable enough, but I cannot find Get_Widget. The author of the example cited above says “eventually resorting to Gtk.Builder.Get_Widget in the procedure body.” However Get_Widget is not in Gtk.Builder. The only Get_Widget I can find does not apply to Gtkada.Builder.Gtkada_Builder objects. The most relevant seems to be in Gtk.UI_Manager; is that the correct Get_Widget? I haven't managed to make it work, if it is.

Even the documentation says Gtk.Builder includes a function Get_Widget. My question is, where can I find the appropriate Get_Widget, or absent that, how can I get a Gtk_Widget_Record to give Gtk.Widget.Show_All. Or am I missing the point entirely?

My Gtkada is from gtkada-gpl-3.4.2-src.tgz, downloaded from libre.adacore.com on 5 June 2013.

Thanks a bunch,



GtkAda 2013 is using Gtk3 instead of Gtk2, leading to following changes :

  1. Get_Widget is replaced by Get_Object : Show_All (Gtk_Widget (Gtkada.Builder.Get_Object (Builder, "fenetre")));
  2. Add_From_File profile is changed to a function : Retval := Add_From_File (Builder, GladeFileName, Error'Access);
  • Aha. Thanks for that. The documentation is not quite up to date, I guess. – Philip Loudin Jun 11 '13 at 13:14
  • +1 for the key insight. – trashgod Jul 8 '13 at 17:49

An implementation of Get_Widget typically returns the Gtk.Widget.Gtk_Widget_Record (or an access value of type Gtk.Widget.Gtk_Widget) for a particular Gtk.Widget.

The example cited is a response to a question about a regression in an example in the GtkaAda source distribution, which may be found in the directory examples/tooltips/tooltips.adb. The example calls Get_Widget on an instance of Gtk.Tree_View_Column.Gtk_Tree_View_Column. The implementation binds to gtk_tree_view_column_get_widget in GtkTreeViewColumn.

Note that "Support for GtkWidget type values is still to come."

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