At present, when I go to Plus and look at photos taken through Glass, I see metadata like this:

Location    Add a location
Date taken   6/7/13, 1:09 PM
Dimensions   2528 x 1856
File name    20130607_130926_201.jpg
File size    1.49M
Camera   Glass 1
Focal Length     2.95mm
Exposure     -
F Number     f/2.48
ISO  -
Camera make  Google
Flash    Not used
Exposure Bias    -
Views    -

I'd love to use the Glass' built-in GPS (or even my Android's GPS, if necessary) to add a location to the image.

My hack is to subscribe to the user's Locations and immediately query for latest location upon receipt of a photo. However, there are obvious accuracy limitations to this approach.

...is there a setting I'm missing somewhere that lets me enable this? (Asking for more metadata, like ISO and exposure, will probably come in another question or a more direct request to Google)



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Location information is not included in the EXIF data on photos taken by Glass.

But there is one simplification that we can make to your current solution. The timelineItem also contains location information. You can use this instead of making an additional request to the locations collection.

This should contain location at the time the original timeline item is created (when the photo is taken), but there's a known issue which causes it to be stale. The data is no less accurate than what you're already fetching, though, so at least it will save you a request to the API.

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