I'm trying to get a grasp of using spring.net ioc to suit my purpose.

What options to using xml configuration (metadata file) are available in spring.net ioc. i.e. i don't want to use the following:

<object name="MyMovieFinder"

Instead, i want to load this values from a database like below:

   SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select ObjName, ObjType, ObjPath from tblApp", cn)
   SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

  IApplicationContext ctx = ContextRegistry.GetContext();
  MovieLister lister = (MovieLister) ctx.GetObject (dr["ObjName"]);

If you want to store your object definitions in a database and use that to power your application you should look at the IResource interface, there's a chapter on it in the Spring.NET documentation here.

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