When I search for "File open in browser" in the Command Palette, I get nothing - i.e. I seem to be missing the "File: Open in Browser" (F12) command.

Actually, I'm missing a whole set of "File: ..." commands from my Command Palette, not just the "File: Open in Browser" command. For example, I'm also missing "File: Move", "File: Copy Path", "File: Close All", etc. See screenshots below.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

screenshot1 - my sublime text, screenshot2 - friend's sublime text, should look like this


These commands are added by SideBarEnhancements (relevant source code).

I found that using FindKeyConflict's "All Key Maps to Quick Panel" command and then entering "f12" as seen in the second screenshot.

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  • Thank you, FichteFoll! – RBR Jun 11 '13 at 16:18

Your friend have plugin installed. Install this plugin https://github.com/adampresley/sublime-view-in-browser

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  • Thanks, but actually, my friend does NOT have that plugin installed. That's the first thing we thought, too. If you compare the 2 screenshots above, I'm missing more "File: ..." commands than just the "File: Open in Browser" command in my Command Palette. For example, I'm also missing "File: Rename" and "File: Copy Path" among others. I think the commands exist, they're just not showing up in my Command Palette for some odd reason that I can't figure out. – RBR Jun 11 '13 at 12:34
  • Why isn't View In Browser plugin showing up for me in Sublime Text 2 Install Package? – J86 Nov 20 '13 at 8:59

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